Posture & its Power

INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Simpkinson, Founder/Director, Village Pilates


SAT 27th July, 2pm
1hr 15min
Group Workshop
Beginner - Advanced

$60 per person | $50 double discount*

The power of your posture is much stronger than what you think. Lisa will assist you to understand your own posture and the strengths and weaknesses that lie within. This practical workshop will explore many different ways your posture can be affected and provide tools to help you achieve a posture that provides strength and an ease of movement in both your fitness training and daily life. Be kind to yourself and also attend the ‘More on Core’ workshop that runs after this. These workshops compliment each other perfectly and you'll benefit greatly by attending both.

WEAR: Comfortable exercise clothing & socks.
BRING: Water bottle.

*Reduced rate of $50 per workshop when attending both ‘More on Core’ and ‘Posture and its Power’. 
*Workshop Terms and Conditions apply.