Village Pilates are proud to present Fit Body. Healthy Mind. Workshops to our offering so we can support your physical and mental health on an even more intimate and thorough level. We truly believe that optimum physical fitness is intrinsically linked to a healthy mind and hope you will take the opportunity to build knowledge and refine fitness techniques via our carefully selected workshop series. Workshops are a fantastic opportunity to boost motivation and knowledge that can improve your sessions with us but also assist in your daily life. If you have a topic or area of interest you’d love to see as a part of our series, please speak to one of our friendly staff. These workshops are for you and your feedback is highly valued! If you have expertise in an area you think would be of value to our community and are interested in hosting a workshop, please reach out via email or phone.

Control your pain

Do you want to move with more freedom or do things you thought your body would never be able to do?

Discover the psychology behind why we feel pain, can this be managed from a different angle? What are your limits? By understanding pain you’ll be better equipped in making informed decisions.

Does pain control or limit you?

INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Simpkinson, Founder/Director, Village Pilates

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SAT 21st September, 2pm
Group Workshop
Beginner - Advanced

$99 early bird offer* | $120 full price* | BOOK NOW

*Reduced rate, Early Bird Offer expires 9th September.

WEAR: Comfortable exercise clothing & socks.
BRING: Water bottle.

*Workshop Terms and Conditions apply.