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When you arrive at Village Pilates you are welcomed into a family. When I started nearly a year ago I was overcoming an illness and could barely walk up the stairs to the studio. Village Pilates allows you to workout in a supportive, friendly environment where you matter. You will gain strength, become fit and most of all look forward to going back! Hooked!
— Julie Mason

"When I was chronically ill in 2006 my wise 90 year old neighbour told me that 'death is a lack of movement'. After recovering and needing to get moving again I returned to Pilates. Pilates works! It gives you the optimum quality of life by keeping your body as mobile as possible. All of my Village Pilates teachers over the past five years have been caring, attentive, and intimately concerned with my bodily well being. It has proven to be an energising, and youthful experience for me."

– John Williams

"A hip replacement is a life changing experience. There are two types of cyclists – those who have fallen off the bike and those who are waiting to fall off. Fortunately I am a member of the first club. A complication of falling off a bike in the first two years is dislocating the hip and needing another operation. The instructions from my surgeon were to do physio (boring) to strengthen the pelvic girdle.

A revelation was being dragged along by my wife to Village Pilates. The muscle pain during and after riding the bike has disappeared and my improved core strength has improved my confidence and decreased my fear of a riding mishap.

Many thanks to Lisa & the Village Pilates team for the structured program, for my cycling passion.

– Dan Brener

Pilates keeps me flexible and I feel much stronger than 10 years ago when I started. Regular Pilates will rebuild your body.
— Christine Simmat