55min Group Class (Max 7*)
Beginner - Advanced*


This class uses the Reformer machine, which is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment unique to Pilates. The Reformer machine allows exercise to be performed with a large range of motion and can work the entire body with resistance customised to each individual. Focus is on increasing strength and flexibility, correct posture, coordination and restoration of physical vitality. Our instructors will guide you through each class with a challenging variety of pilates exercises. Classes are grouped as Beginner - Intermediate or Intermediate - Advanced. Our introduction pack, 'Reformer Kickstart' must be completed before regular class bookings can be made. This is to ensure you have received the support and guidance to confidently use the equipment to your own level and ability - it’s also a great opportunity for personalised tips and advice!

* Maximum of 7 in Reformer Classes at St Ives Studio.
* Maximum of 3 in Reformer Classes at Belrose Studio.